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After Pluto was declassified as a planet, Neptune became the farthest planet from the sun. Neptune's diameter is about 30,200 miles or almost 4 times the Earth's diameter. The planet was named after the Roman sea God. Neptune Facts You Might Not Know About

Neptune is so far away that it took the space probe Voyager 2, 12 years to reach it.

Neptune is the stormiest planet. The winds there can blow up to 1,240 miles per hour, that is three times as fast as Earth's Hurricanes.

The planet has has a system of thin dark rings but they are incomplete rings and are best described as arcs.

Neptune is a sea blue color due to the methane gas in its atmosphere.

Neptune once had a great dark spot similar to Jupiter.

Neptune only receives 1/900 of the solar energy that reaches Earth.

Neptune has its own heat source, it emits a quantity of energy 2.7 times greater than it receives.

Neptune has 8 known moons.

Neptune is 30 times farther from the sun as is the Earth.

It goes around the sun once every 165 Earth Years.

The atmosphere is made up of Hydrogen, Helium and Methane.

Neptune has a rocky core.

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